calling all euros

met my friend maria for lunch. she has that same disease that demi moore has. you know, the one where you never age a day past 27? fucking cunt. if that perpetual youth disorder was sexually transmitted i would close my eyes and make out with her just to catch it.

anywhoo. maria is my ex-boyfriend's best friend/ex-girlfriend (different ex-boyfreind...yah, i have been around). i met her 7 years ago. she once told me i had to stop acting like a brat if i ever wanted people to like me. ouch. but i dig her a lot. plus, she likes to drink. plus she has seen me wasted dancing to britney's "hit me baby, one more time" to a group of 40 year olds in montauk. i can't remember if that was the night before or after i got so drunk i decided to take off all my clothes and do the dishes because i thought i was alone--in front a goup of 40 year olds in montauk.

we had wine at lunch. so decadent i love it. we went to bread on spring between elizabeth and mott.

i have never been to this place during the day and i must say i prefer it. tons of foreigners. a veritable european union. of course, nobody from turkey.

we split an avocado and beet salad and a chicken sandwich thing. warning: the sandwiches aren't under a "sandwich" section. they are under "bread." which is totally counterintuitive if you want the lunch special of "soup and 1/2 sandwich." shouldn't it be "soup and 1/2 bread"? grrr.

they messed up on one thing. gave only gave us half a bread instead of a whole bread. by bread i mean sandwich. you see how confusing this is?

everything was delicious. they guys there were GORGEOUS.

i will go back. for lunch. they take credit cards, but no amex. if i am missing 25.60 miles to make my upgrade, i will go back and burn that place down.

(anita, if you read this, i better see you and your little friend on saturday night.)

  • bread

    roi said...

    What's saturady?

    Anonymous said...

    I like this post. You sound really happy. That's good. Esp.@ lunchtime.

    noTORious said...

    maria is hot. you are hotter.