it's funny cause when i first went there with my friends maria and anita, we had the wrong reservation time. get it? rhong-tiam? we thought it was funny. but not as funny as the ass-on-fire the next day.

the food is soooo good there and sooooo spicy.

tonight i ordered in thinking i'd have a snack and then go out with my buddies. well, i never made it past snacking. big surprise. gotta start hittin the weed again. it helps me go out because i forget that i ever considered staying in and watching family guy.

here i am not getting ready to do anything. because, um, i'm saving up for the weekend, um, like for my birthday. no really.

they have a good ordering system. you give your phone number and all your info pops up for them. i had vegetarian pad see ew. no ew in this dish. it was mmm, mmm, good. clean veggies, thin flat noodles--a nice change from the usually thicker doughy flat noodles at the other (lemongrass, spice) thai restaurants. i got banana (thinking of gwen stefani now, can't help it) sticky rice. looked like a dick, but i ate it. or should. i say, SO i ate it. hardy, har, har. speaking of richard, there's a lot of hot richard at the ear inn, pretty regularly. i'm just sayin....

rhong-tiam is on la guardia. bet 20% of you have no idea where that is.


i made it to 4:13pm


i popped out of a jewish womb, which makes me jewish. and that annoys the shit out of my orthodox cousin who had to actually convert to become a VIP member. especially since i eat cheeseburgers, bacon, shrimp, mussels, oysters, have tattoos, take it up the ass, and keep a crucifix next to my bed. i'll always get to be a jew no matter how much i fuck it up.

anywho. unless you live under a rock or in arkansas, you would know that today is that day that we fast. we fast because the pain from the hunger is meant to remind you of the pain of your sins. i totally made that up. i have no idea why we fast.

i don't really do it cause i'm religious (see 1st paragraph), i try to do it cause i am superstitious and fear my other family members who are might die or something if i don't.

i make up my own rules though. like today i am drinking (very milky with lots of sugar) coffee. what. it's still hard, dude. even with the calcium and calories. i almost fell off my chair a few minutes ago.

can't wait to eat pork ribs and a milkshake at sundown. booyah.



pinche taco goes down

sad sad news. pinche taco is now worse than fresco tortilla taco. yes-i said it.

i ordered a taco salad. it sounded good; lettuce, tomato, beans, sour cream, guacamole, cilantro (hold the cheese). all things i like. i went ahead and ordered the carne asada on it for some protein.

1) no cilatro on it
2) the delivery forgot one whole order
3) the side of jalapenos i ordered never came
and most imortant
4) the meat tasted like rotten feet.

it was inedible. i had two other people try it and they both agreed. IN. EDIBLE.

see, they opened another branch right by my work. they got greedy. and now, instead of one good pinche taco, there are two bad pinche tacos.



it's so cold in my office i had to eat my delivery in my coat and wrapped in a blanket. east village thai delivery. pad thai good, sweet like candy. chicken satay ok, a little tough and too much curry taste.

that's it.



i had to delete those last two posts. i hate politics and me talking about how much i hate politics only makes it worse.

i still resent being called dumb, though.