again with the noho star

i had all these great ideas about trying new places in soho. but fucking soraya was all moody and we ended up at noho star.

quesadilla was pretty good. chicken and manchego (or machengo?) cheese. frise lettuce. yeah, right. like there is frise lettuce in mexico.

i have no idea where this place buys their tomatoes but they are BLOOD red. incredible. and they taste sweet, not like that pale gritty no taste tomato from a deli.

the best was the hot fudge sundae. vanilla gelato (fancy name for i-c-e c-r-e-a-m), hot fudge, toasted hazelnuts, and real whipped cream.

i kinda like the reddi whip better. i once had a boyfriend tell me that eating food from a box was trashy. that was right after he saw me make kraft macaroni and cheese and a betty crocker cake. i dunno, i always liked that food. and sugary cereal, and coke, and kool aid, and jif full fat with trans fat peanut butter. and instant cream of wheat. and instant pancakes. and aunt jemimi corn syrup, and dole fruit in a cup with light syrup, and leggo my eggos. those were the days.

the best was my granny's "asparagus crisp." listen to this recipe. in a casserole dish (it already starts out bad) layer canned asparagus stalks and pre-shredded cheddar cheese, and lays potato chips. sprinke with paprika. bake until cheese is melted. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW GOOD IT IS.

now i eat beet and goat cheese salad. high class.

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