chinese with no chinese waiters

since this place is catering my birthday party, i thought i would give it a try. (yes i am having a huge birthday party and if you didn't know about it then you aren't invited).

chinatown brasserie is on the corner of lafayette and great jones street.

it is HUUUUGE, like 30ft ceilings. the two douchebags who worked the front desk were total assholes. hello, fuckers. you work at a restaurant. don't for one minute think you are better than me.

mom and i had cocktails while we waited for sis. she had a lychee martini (boring), and i had a concord grape martini. now, i know what you are thinking. (oh my god, i was just going to say something sooo wrong). but don't. if you like welch's grape juice then this is the drink for you. if you don't like welch's grape juice then this is the drink for you. it was AWESOME. i can't explain. i would just shoot in there one day during your lunch break to see what i am talking about.

we had hot & sour soup. really good.

and vegetable fried rice. really, really good. i heart fried rice.

and a bunch of dim sum, most of which was good.

i must say, for a huge tourist trap looking restaurant in downtown new york city, the food was yum. tres expensive, but get your investment banker boyfriend to take you.

oh, and chocolate fortune cookies for desert. perfect if you like grape juice.


Anonymous said...

Fancy. You deserve it. And much more. I'm goin in for that grape juice tini. and i will be telling them to send a sales commission directly to hungry girl soho.

alias said...

I gotta say, I've been so bored at work and reading your blog is entertaining and all, but really if you think that the hot and sour soup is yum from chinatown brasserie, you are seriously fucking misguided. Where's the sour? That's like half of the appeal. That being said, i still like you.

hungry girl said...

dear alias,

that may be true. i wouldn't know though, because before i even taste any hot and sour soup i ask for vinegar and pour a few teaspoons in. i like my sour.

alias said...

you should not have to do that! Please just admit that chinatown brasserie is kind of lame.