if you're ever in kemah...

there's a local sub shop called neptune. i wish i had taken pictures, but their subs are so fucking good. i highly recommend their tuna (they hardly us any mayo) with cheese and jalepenos. get a large iced tea or dr. pepper in their styrophome cups.

check out their website



someone ask me a question. it'll be like truth or dare. except you can't really dare me. just ask me and i have to answer.

Mark said...
if you were a fruit or vegetable, which one would you be and why?

a fruit. i mean, if i wanted someone to say, candice is a fruit vs. candice is a v...? come on. god forbid.


Anonymous said...
How many guys have you slept with?
Have you ever been with a girl?


Anonymous said...
do you keep the change or give it back?

depends on how nice the cashier is. but always give back pennies.


Anonymous said...
When you order a steak, which cut do you prefer and at what temperature?

t-bone. medium. like to chew the fat.

Okay, HungryGirl...

1. Describe your favorite breakfest.
2. What are you reading now (or what have you read most recently)?
3. Have you ever left the apartment/house in your pajamas?

A Faithful Reader.

2 eggs over easy, whole wheat toast with butter, fried tomatoes really mushy. salt and pepper. coffee with half and half and sugar.
"the likeness" a murder mystery
i've left the apartment in just my north face once. and some clogs. it was snowing.

Anonymous said...
Fake, fraud or genuine?

if you're referring to me, i would say genuine with a little sugar on top depending on the situation.


my new yogurt spot

let's be honest, frozen yogurt isn't good for you. so at least it should be fun and taste good.

yougurtland is my new place. it's on bleecker btwn 6th and 7th ave. i usually scoff at the pimply midwestern teenage tourists in their uggs and miniskirts downing this shit. but today i tried it.

and i went back again after dinner.

probably the best fit for a control freak, this place. you pour your own flavor, on your own, however much you like. then you put your own toppings on, however much you like. no more looking at the server's spoon full of sprinkles willing her to pour the rest of the scoop out--even though she never does. she just puts those last 15 sprinkles back in the bucket. for what? i don't know.

listen, they didn't decorate the place from the design within reach catalogue. but still.

pretty good for cheapskates, too. i got everything i wanted (and nothing more) for $1.96. go.

strawberry yogurt with fresh bananas and fruity pebbles.



lunch soon, my dear.



its back. cause we all need to be vulnerable to remind us we are alive.


I had to remove my video bc my mother would call me a pathetic drunk loser. And as funny as I think I am, it wears on me. Hearing that.