waaaahhh! i crave!


"More than half a century later, with Harmon’s son, Tom, at the company helm, Whataburger still remains family-owned and operated. Employees at Whataburger are even referred to as Family Members and it is the privilege and promise of each and every one to uphold the tradition that Harmon began. So now with more than 700 Whataburger restaurants across ten states, road-trippers and hometown folks alike continue gathering under the big orange and white roofs for the fresh made to order burgers and friendly service."

" No problem, your Whataburger will be made just like you like it 24 hours a day 7 days a week."

chinese food

i'll find out the name of this place, but it's somewhere in midtown. when you go to a chinese restaurant, and one line (buffet) is filled with fat americans, and the other line is filled with thin chinese people...you see where i'm going with this.

the buffet had all your favorites, fried meat with brown sauce. all sorts of fried meat. fried rice. egg rolls. etc...

the special order line...it was a little hectic and, had i not been totally intimidated, i would have taken a little time to see what the chinese were ordering. instead i panicked and ordered steamed veggie dumplings and hot and sour soup.

both sucked. but i did end up noticing that the popular dish with those in the know is some noodle soup.

too bad. i'll never go back.

on another note. i haven't been laid since january.


les enfants terribles

walk through the stench and get to canal and ludlow. this place has such good food and such hot guys. it's really not smart of me to go with my guy friend. the hot guys don't approach me. i mean...i'm sure that's why.

whatever you do don't get sancerre. it's $13 fucking dollars a glass and i only found that out after i had 5. but i got a nice buzz (wasted) and ate an entire leg of lamb. AND lamb and goat cheese filo dough things. those were out of le world.

honestly. $13 for a glass of anything without a coupon for a free one floating in it is le crazy. call me le cheap.

loves the place though. will take mom and her friend there this week.



a pretty day for lunch

actually, this was the pretty day last week or so. this was after soraya and i waited in line for the damien hirst skateboards at supreme. it was fun bonding with the other non-skaters in line. made me feel like less of a schmuck for being 31 and unable to skate yet still giving up 45 minutes of my life cued up.

cafe havana. it was good. their cafe con leches are the total bomb. the bartender was super cute too. whenever a cute guy has a tattoo i ask if i can touch it. they really like that.



viva tejas! viva mi amigos! viva calor! viva la lluvia! viva margaritas! viva espacio! viva dr. pepper! viva whataburger! viva 610 y 59! viva concreto! viva mexicanas!

texas, our texas, oh hail the mighty state.
texas, our texas, so wonderful so great...

texas fight, texas fight, yay texas fight.
texas fight, texas fight, yay texas fight.

texas fight, texas fight, for its texas that we love best...

the eyes of texas are upon you

the stars at night, are big and bright.

all my exes live in texas
texas is a place i dearly love to be
but all my exes live in texas
therefor i reside in tennessee.

my long hair just can't cover up my redneck

sweet potato pie and i shut my mouth

luckenbach texas, ain't nobody feelin no pain

screw you, we're from texas baby, so screw you

amarillo by morning.


i'm here, i'm here. jeez

i have a ton of pictures. but here is yesterday.

i really really like rhong-tiam thai food. i had basil chicken (special ordered ground) lunch special $7. so good and so fast and clean.

there's on on the east side and one on the sort of west side.