this is fuk'd

i went to the waverly inn tonight.

soraya looked hot...(i am not really gay, soraya is my partner and best friend. but not a GAY PARTNER. like, a business partner. look, i know how is looks, but you have to trust me.)

i schmoozed with:
demi moore
lucy liu
bahz lurman
puff daddy (p.diddy?)
larry gagosian

and when i say schmoozed, i mean i spoke to them all. maybe they didn't speak back, and the owner emil had to hold me back, but whatev's. were you there? didn't think so biatch.

but the sick thing is, i came home drunk and ordered an entire Joe's Pizza. all i really wanted was a slice, but i couldn't be bothered with walking there (it is one block away).

for $20 (including tip) i got an entire pizza pie. it's not quite the same as eating it on the street with other drunk fucks, but what-ever. i scooped all the sauce off of every piece and put it on the two slices i actually ate. the rest i left for my mice. oh yes, i have mice. once i got over the grossness of it, i realized they are kind of cute and think of them as my pets.

oh, boy. and the guy i met on the way out of the waverly thought i was an actress (actress, not model--ugh) and wanted to talk to me. i love wearing my yankees hat super low and walking out of a celebrity infested restaurant like i own the place. it really throws people off.

on another note, i am looking for a guy whose feet are this big. because size (of your feet) matters.

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    Anonymous said...

    how about the food?

    Anonymous said...

    don't get fucking greedy.
    the food was fine.

    anitaw said...

    hey candace - your blog rules i'm completely addicted - not to mention that i agree with most of your astute assessments. hope to run into you drunk and disorderly one of these days.love to soraya
    anita ox

    hungry girl said...

    anita w? producer anita?

    how the fuck did you find this thing?

    if this is you, where are you!!!!!!?? lets meet for a drink!