it's raining.

can we take a moment for the victims of 9-11?



god is crying. i say that because i was never good at science and i don't really understand where rain comes from. so that means, following this reasoning, thunder is god farting. (i am hysterically laughing at that, soraya doesn't think it is funny at all.)

i love rain from a window, and i love rain when it is time to play in it, but i don't like getting wet just because i don't have a car to run my errands. so i ordered from east village thai. yes, the one from the other night.

this vegetarian thing is really starting to stick. but i have found food without meat just does not taste as good. regardless, the spring rolls are incredible.

the best part of today's eating is the malteser's from england. got them as a gift and boy are they awesome. it makes (the american version) whopper's taste like wax coated sand.

today's post sucks. i am PMS-ing. my boobs are going to pop and all i want to do is eat chocolate and cry. and laugh. and cry. wait....no....cry.


Anonymous said...

hungry girl...i think i know a guy who will fit that shoe!

hungry girl said...

anonymous...i might fall in love with him. bring it on.