glutton for punishment

i wish i could say i stick to the never returning to a bad restaurant thing, but seriously? in new york? who has the time.

GEMMA. again. why do i do this to my taste buds/bowels?

off of an 11" x 14" menu, there was literally only one thing i could stomach stomaching.

you know what that is? egg. mayonnaise. white bread (no crusts). kind of hard to fuck that one up, no?

i ate half of it. the other half found it's way all over my face and then i rubbed the rest on my tits while the other al fresco diners watched in horror. or amazement. or probably jealousy that i was such a wild, uninhibited soul while saying to each other, "tee hee, oh my. only in new york city, dear! only in new york! i told you staying on the bowery would be fun! every one is just so free here!"

and to wash it all down, a home made sprite. lemon, lime, soda, and a sugar cube. we invented it. it's pretty.

the sandwich was $7. no idea how much anything else there is.


hungry girl said...
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Anonymous said...

hungry girl...i totally agree! the food is shit there. i work across the street and i coudn't eat there if the fod was free. although...i did have and ok panini there and some delicious strawberry and chocolate gelato, but that's hard to fuck up.