what if

what if the guy that made eyes at me as we walked passed each other to my house, the guy who looked back as i was unlocking my front door. what if he waited to see which windows lit up, then looked passed the vestibule glass doors to try to work out the apartment numbering system based on the one or two he could see. then hand wrote me a letter saying he "just had to contact" the magical girl from that cold, cold night.

and then we went out and got married and had babies.

and this, my friends, is the fantasy world i live in.

besides, he probably couldn't fix things with his bare bear hands. which is way hotter than romance.

tonight i went to supper on east 2nd with some friends. that place is ALWAYS good. that fancy mozarella, can't remember what it's called. very creamy. so good. mushroom crostini, tasted like meat! so good. i had tagliatelli with bolognese. other people had other stuff. honestly, never disappointed there.

no dessert, people had to pack for plane trips home tomorrow.

i stole 2 of these pics from the interweb.

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