is it just me or was that the longest holiday season ever? i watched a whole lot of tv and may have escaped developing bed sores by a very narrow margin.

i lost my wallet for the second time in 2 months. the first time was in virginia and the person charged $200 at the family dollar store. yah. that's a lot of crap.

the second time the person only got away with an extra value meal at mcdonalds before i cancelled the card. but he has my martin margiela wallet. that fuck.

got drunk. got stoned. but boy was i glad to get back to work. i've been to college already and that sort of life isn't good to repeat. i def put on another freshman 15.


brett ashley said...

welcome to my life for the past couple weeks. the first few days were great cause it was like yeah! i can sleep all day! now however, i'm actually ready to come back and do something besides loaf around. as well all the delicious houston food is waaaaaay too accessible. my "big" outing today was going to the briar club to lay by the pool. i need a life.

talinthailand said...

Let's try not to overlook the fact that sitting around eating food all day and not doing shit is awesome. In fact, most people work their entire lives to attain just that level of leisure.

We're conditioned to think we need to be productive and work hard in order to realize a megalomania that most of us couldn't hang with if it ever did materialize.

My point: play video games, drink weed, smoke beer, eat garbage, fuck strangers, do whatever it is you do and let the memory of it all carry you through the long days at work.