tortilla flats

every time i go to this place (3 times over the past 7 years) i leave wanting to stick my finger down my throat.

IT'S DISGUSTING. plus, do you know how much they charge for a pitcher of patron margaritas? $70.

do you know how much ONE patron margarita costs? $16.

this is supposed to be chile con queso. it's like garbage.

canned food is better. i swear.

don't go. just, just don't go.


Anonymous said...

Is that a $16 margarita in the picture?

Shorts said...

Have you been to the Calexico carts yet? Muey Bueno. Muey Muey Muey.

brett ashley said...

queso is not supposed to be tinted brown. unless it is jose's dip. which that cleary is not.

talinthailand said...

Lupe's East LA kitchen is passable, and cheap...

It doesn't come close to a SoCal burrito, nor a NorCal one for that matter. But, again, it's passable.

It's funny I came across your blog in a munchie induced search for Kool Blue.

Good idea. Your blog, not Kool Blue.

ccaplan said...

come back!!!!