oh, yes. we went there.

after a long morning of antiquing in 100 degree heat in glorious stamford, CT, we decided to reward ourself with a trip to target. and after 2 hours in target we were starving!

and like a beacon in the night, we see PF CHANG'S. the "mr. chow's" for proletariats.

this place is amazing. it was cold, the tables were clean, we got refills on our drinks without even asking for them. i felt totally at home. we didn't have to ask for them to clear our plates, they just did it. and when the meal was done, she brought me a fancy plastic to go container with a matching paper shopping bag.

long live mr. chang. i wonder what P F stands for...?


brett ashley said...

I learned this from someone recently! Apparently PF stands for Paul Fleming, the same guy who started all of the Fleming's steakhouses.

brett ashley said...

Also- I love PF Changs and it's fast and somewhat cheaper equivalent Pei Wei.

hungry girl said...

NO FUCKIN WAY. paul fleming? genius. from now on i am C.J. LING.