dinner alone

it was one of those nights i couldn't get my shit together. or rather, all my friends' shit was all over the place and none of their shit was wanting to eat din din with me. it was hot. everyone was whining.

well, i had napped for two hours and with no cable to pacify me, i needed to get out of my apt.

i walked to a new mexican food place by my house. cabritos? i think?

grrr. who the fuck charges $60 for a pitcher of margaritas? that better come with a free trip to acapulco cause there is no way that montezuma tequila makes one's overhead that high. the best, i mean, this is ridiculous, the best is if you want "fresh juice" in it it's an extra $6. THE FUCKING AUDACITY IS BEYOND ME. fuck this place.

but i was hungry. i had a michilada to calm and cool me down. can't really mess those up.

there was nothing on the menu that was affordable. i mean i'm super rich so i don't have to worry, but i do have a sense of when i'm being taken advantage of. it's all relative.

i settled on chicken tomatillo enchiladas. $14. this is what i got.


on top of that, i had a huge piece of gristle in one bite and had to spit it out. which means 1/4 of my whole meal was disposed of.

no rice. no beans. no fucking nothing. take me to barrio chino immediately.

do not ever ever ever go to cabritos on carmine street beween bleecker and bedford. it is bad and expensive. if i see you there i wll humiliate you in such a way you'll wish the juice from the jalapenos on your plate was squeezed into your eyes because it would feel better than the suffering i cause.



brett ashley said...

geez. Even a pitcher of margaritas at El Tiempo isn't $60. And those are guaranteed to make you woozy.

hungry girl said...

oh, ba, you never went to UT. did you ever have the "purple margarita" at baby acabulco's? there was a limit of 2 per person the whole night. 'nough said.

Shorts said...

I just walked by there this morning. I spit on the window. Just for you.

hungry girl said...

oh, shorts. you are a truly good...friend?

Shorts said...

Don't friends usually meet?

hungry girl said...

dude, shorts, you know where i live and you know where i work and you know what i look like and what medication i take. so, you tell me when you want to lunch.

Shorts said...

You make me sound like a stalker! Perhaps I don't read your blog close enough, but I don't know where you work. I have an idea where you live, so maybe it would be more exciting to just see you and say hi. Or creepy. Yeah, more creepy.

Besides, you're not in soho anymore. How can we grab lunch?

hungry girl said...

is tuesday good for you? 12:30. that little mexican taco place on elizebeth between prince and spring

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of this "chic" mexican food craze in NYC. Who thinks this crap is Mexican food? And no rice and beans...can't even be considered Mexican food without the rice and beans!

Anonymous said...


Seriously you make me crack up!!! I haven't read your blog in about a month, so I had some catching up to do...and it was well worth it. I love it when you make up your own adjectives (i.e. ass hole on fire sauce)

Keep it coming girlie!! (I'm sad that you don't have facebook anymore, but I completely agree that it becomes a stupid obsessive addiction. One of these days I will give it up...but for now it's my crack)