candice's secret sauce

ok, so i have had hundred's (ha) of requests for my secret sauce recipe at na trang restaurant. let me think if i should share...

ohhhkaaay. twist my arm.

here are the ingredients you need; sriracha (spicey rooster), fish sauce, sugar, lime.

fill the bottom of a sauce bowl with the spicey rooster/sriracha/ass hole is on fire sauce.

squeeze a good juicy lime wedge in there. if it's a dry lime, stand up, throw it on the floor, and shout at the top of your lungs "what kind of a shit hole place is this? how am i supposed to squeeze lime juice from a dry fruit?!"

put a tiny squirt of fish sauce. if you put too much it gets too salty. plus your chocha will smell bad.

now the most important secret. sugar! it cuts the spice. a good circle or two.

then stir, stir, stir.

make all your friend happy by serving them delicious sauce!

make all your friends even happier when you point them towards the restroom after lunch.

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