i'd like to meet the person that first said, "poodles are such smart dogs."
then i'd like to buy one of those hearing aids from the infomercials that lets you eavesdrop on people's conversations form 100 feet away.
no, i'd like to buy 2. one for each ear.
the i'd like to put him in a 7'x7' marble room.
wearing the hearing aids.
with my poodle.
then i'd lock him in and knock on the door.
then i'd like him to teach my "such smart dog" how to stop barking.
then when his ears bleed and he is nauseous from the ringing, i'd like to offer him the opportunity to redact his claim.

poodles are cute. not smart.

that is all.


Anonymous said...

fucken hilarious!! awesome.

hill said...

take gigi for a long walk you crazy fool!