tiny's sandwich shop

this place is horrible. rivington and something...norfolk? i'd rather eat a wendy's spicy crispy chicken sandwich any day. and how do you fuck up rice crispy treats? the waitress with red hair was super nice, though. and they have diet dr. pepper. but what's up with those ridgy chips? does anyone ever really prefer those to regular shaped chips?


Shorts said...

Awww - are you serious? I've only been there once, but I really liked it! I got a chicken sandwich with fake bacon and chipotle mayo or something like that.

And yes, i love those chips.
Ruffles have ridges.

spring flowers said...

Damn. That's one sad-looking chicken sandwich. To think I almost tried this place because of other reviews.


Or is it just a hit-or-miss?

p.s. your pic of bar pitti had me salivating at my desk at work... Now I've just been craving their pastas... Fucking pics of pasta, just sitting there taunting me. One of these days I'll take a long lunch and get my ass over there for lunch. dinner is usually insanity.