bar pitti

bar pitti. i had penne bolognese. soraya had penne arrabiata.

i had a glass of pinot grigio. soraya had a glass of coke.

everything was sunny and nice.

i brought gigi the grey poddle, she brought clarence the brown cocka-poo.

then the cockiness that is the cocky machine bar pitti reared it's ugly head.

an empty 2 top. no people waiting. two people just walked up and sat there.

the waiter came over, not to ask what they wanted, but what they were doing there.

she said she wanted to eat lunch.

he asked if anyone told her she could sit there, because there could be people waiting.

she said no.

he asked how many, she said..."2"...(they are already fucking sitting down).

he looked at the benches, which were emtpy, and had been for a while.

he said, 'ok you can sit."

i felt like i needed a shower after that.

soraya wants me to tell you that she is in love with an italian boy. that's all.


Shorts said...


Seriously...is this even Soho lunch anymore? More like West Village Lunch Girl.

Anonymous said...

wow shorts! why you so mean? hungry girl finally looks happy and hot and you want to ruin it? you know that you reading this blog is like cheating on your wife? you know you want hungry girl. why else would you read it? just cause ure marriage sux, doesn't mean hungry girl can't look happy and healthy and hot at bar pitti...tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock...

Shorts said...

I must apologize. I do not know why I came across as so mean in my above comment.

Hungry girl, you do look happy and hot. Please accept my apologies.

hungry girl said...


i think it's great you are married and flattered that you (are the only one who) read my blog.

it's hard getting back to lunch in soho.

Shorts said...

Im sure you have way more fans than you realize!

Keep up the eating.

I forgot that your office moved. My bad.

Anonymous said...

this is anonymous again. show your face shorts. you show me yours, i will show you mine. i am a fan of hungry girl as well. along with the rest of my collegues. we find the story between you and hungry girl to be a mini "you've got mail"
tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock.

Anonymous said...