ho hum

nothing to write. eating been boring.

need to go away. to a beach. anyone interested?

in the meantime i am going to texas soon. going to drive from houston to austin past green hills and grazing cows. then going to eat those cows when i go to salt lick bbq.

visit my old haunts like the sorority house where i puked a lot. and sixth street where i puked a lot. pretty much any street where i puked a lot.

going to drink dr. pepper and eat whataburgers. drink a mexican maritini, which is basically a margariti in a martini glass with an olive. drink shiner and ziegenbach. watch the sunset over lake travis. eat hut's chili with all the jalapenos i can fit in the bowl. and talk with a twang that mysteriously reappears each time i smell that hot, humid houston air.

oh boy. am i excited. take a gander...

of course, after all that booze and food, i'll probably end up looking like i did junior year. keep in mind this was 10 years ago. oofah. i can't believe i actually posted this:


brett ashley said...

call me when you get to houston! I would love to see you and catch up.

jfriedman said...

have you ever tried the dublin dr. pepper?