pret a manger

i used to eat there in london. before they came to usa. that was the same time that fatty mcgehee picture of me from the previous post was taken. crazy.

they didn't have my favorite kind, the hummus sandwich. so i had the turkey. their sandwiches come whole or in halves. i chose half so i don't ever look as fat as i did in london. and a low fat yogurt with rubarb bottom, again so i don't ever look as fat as i did in london.

(on a side note, i have rediscovered POP! by erasure. i am listening to it full blast right now. so good.)

this is what the fridge looks like. on a busy day it's really scary, like every man for himself. reaching and grabbing what they can. they have EVERYTHING. soup, chips, salads, wraps, sandwiches, cookies, yogurts, fresh juices, fruit salads, fruit, coffee, cakes.

this was my cashier. she kept staring at me with a smile and wouldn't take my card. and just, i mean just before i lost it, she said "can i at least get a smile?" of course, i obliged. it was sunny out. what could i do?

soraya was being a cunt and wouldn't let me take her picture. but it was gorgeous out. can't wait til they open the lawn. it's such a tease watching the dirty pigeons get to rub their toes in the grass but we can't.


jackrabbitski said...

I'm glad we hooked up after you were fat.

hungry girl said...

i'm sure your fiance would love to know you just said that.

Trish said...

I like Pret's mocha and a couple of their sandwiches - at least they make them pretty fresh. It'd be nice if they opened a couple more beyond midtown.

Weirdness alert: I spotted your double (or you?) while rushing down Mott Street tonight. One of those random fleeting things "hey that looks like Soho Lunch girl'. But maybe my hunger was making me see things... wouldn't be the first time.

hungry girl said...

hi trish. it's possible. i was on an orange bike in that general area this afternoon.

was the girl you saw totally hot and mesmerising? if not, then it for sure wan't me. (wink)