first pretty day of the year.

bryant park is my favorite. and the weather was so amazing i didn't even care that i waited 20 minutes in line at wichcraft only to find out, at the register, that every sandwich i wanted was sold out.

i know it looks like i smelled a fart and/or sucked a lemon, but it's just the sun in my eyes. so not cute. i'm eating a grilled chicken, grilled red pepper, mozarella, and lot's and lot's of grease panini.

i ordered the butternut squash soup, but it came out tasting suspiciously like cauliflower soup-the other soup of the day.

soraya was a little more impatient. but her foul mood stemmed from the fact that her retarded boyfriend broke up with her for the 13th time in 4 years. so annoying.

she lost patience and went to PAX. that place is so disgusting, i don't know how she did it. but she was back in less than 3 minutes. i was still waiting for my sandwich.

la, la, la...green grass...so happy!

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jackrabbit said...

Just admit that Soraya farted.