think coffee. think try harder

high hopes, we've got hi-i-igh hopes...

yay, new place in the hood! pretty cute, lots of windows, high ceilings, good menu. it's called think coffee on bowery and bleecker.

went with rachel, a former super model. fucking sick body, still.

she had the lunch of a 2nd grader. peanut butter and banana and honey and cinnamon sandwich. and a whole milk. not skim. more power to ya. the cinnamon ruined it, and it should have had more peanut butter.

soraya had an apple, brie, and honey and balsamic vinegar on baguette sandwich. she kept bitching about how it was too sweet. she had a coke in a glass which is always better than a can and way better than plastic. but still not as good as mcdonald's fountain.

i had salmon, cream cheese, watercress, and red onions on black bread. the onions didn't bother me because the only boy i have had a crush on in 3 years lives in newfoundland (look it up). and he isn't getting anywhere near my face anytime soon. it was, eh. whatever.

everything was whatever. it's new though, so i'll give them another shot. i think it would still be good to go to for a cup of coffee.

best part of lunch was dessert back at the office. oreos and milk. there was definitely an elementary school lunch theme going on today.


photo-tunes said...

Yea I tried this place earlier this week....not too bad. Nice to have a decent spot nearby even though I like Mudd better for coffee. I just started reading your blog and I'm a fan. You have great voice in your posts. See you around...


Anonymous said...

Ummm...yeah. She's nice and all, but you have great hands. Especially your fingers.

Anonymous said...

i tried that place. that girl behind the counter is a bitch. and they always run out of sandwiches.