passive aggressive waiter

this really bums me out. i find i place i love, then they fuck me over. square diner.

all i wanted was eggs, toast, and grilled tomatoes. very very well done tomatoes.

i specifically said "so cooked that they are burnt and mushy."

they come back hard and barely cooked.

so i ask him to send them back and cook them more.

they came back only a tiny bit scorched.

i stood up with my plate, roi terrified i would cause a scene, and asked the waiter to "please, please cook these more. yes, even more. til they are totally burnt."

he rolled his eyes at me and shoved his order pad in his apron in a huff.

this is what he brought out to me.

a new set of completely uncooked tomaoes.

i tipped him a quarter. ass.

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