le pain quotidien

or however you spell it. went there with soraya. i really like this place.

(i did have a long, ranting, self-indulgent paragraph about douchebags. well, just one douchebag. but i took it out cause behavior like that is not positive. HA! listen to me! positive!)

i had the ham and 3 mustard sandwich, soraya had some detox salad which seemed to me like a scam, because beets and lettuce and brie is not all that detoxifying.

then a chocolate croissant which made my day. i like this place, the lighting is good, the food is nice, and the communal tables allows for some interesting people watching. it's a little slow, but whatevs.



noTORious said...

it was a scam... she didn't have the detox salad...the detox salad is cabbage, sprouts, tofu, carrots, lemon, and a bit of sunflower oil. that's it. i eat it when i'm feeling man-o-rexic. then i eat the chocolate croissant, too.

Anonymous said...

yo! who is notorious? do you know him hungry girl? maybe you should date him

hungry girl said...

i assume he has a significant other. since he hasn't asked me out yet.

Anonymous said...

I had a chocolate turnover today. From Arby's. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.