it's 1 am. went to bed early but keep waking up from this itching all over my body.

not itchy like a rash or bites, more like these pin prick feelings every where that i have to scratch to make go away.

i think it's something with my nerve endings.

this could be the end, y'all. my body is going to explode and the pin pricks are a warning sign. they'll get more frequent and more intense and then it will feel like a firework went off on the inside of my skin and all the embers are burning me and i'll just melt. yes, melt-maybe not explode.

i am not high on ambien.

oh my god, even the inside of my nose itches. and my eye lids. this isn't funny.

please make sure someone takes care of my doggie. and my sister gets everything of mine. and i want to be cremated (if i haven't turned to dust already) and have my ashes spread over the texas hill country at dusk. and possibly off of table moutain. and a little in the bayou in houson, just cause it was home. farewell.

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