tried and true

needed a good detox. went with my california girl rose to na trang on centre street.

veggie pho. brilliant. and bar b q beef summer rolls.

i ate the beef until rose told me a story. apparently SOMEone she knows, knows SOMEone who asked a chinese restaurant if they had any more dog, and the place said they had just run out. ugh. disgusting.

the story was bad enough, but one second later, she commented on the beef being ..."tough."

precisely why i order the no-meat pho.

made friends with jen there, the cute older waitress with a librarian haircut. left with two huge iced vietamese coffees. so good.

some pics:

i have a secret sauce i make. here is the sort-of-recipe.

in a bowl:

a big squirt of sriracha. like 3-4 seconds long.
a nice squeeze of lime.
two circles of sugar.
a squirt of fish sauce.

mix with one chopstick until sugar is niceley dissolved.
this blend is tart, salty, and the sugar really cuts the spice of the sriracha. trust me. SO GOOD.

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