bo bihn or whatever it's called

the vietnamese sandwich place.

I WILL NOT EAT THERE AGAIN. you know... i was dying to go back there, and show it off to soraya. well, we had a car so i made here wait for me while picked up lunch.

handed her the chicken curry one. she took a bite and, of course, said it was "awesome, but do you trust their meat?"

i was like, "of couuuurrrse i do!!" and right then she spit out her bite and said, "i'm done."

well, she got out the car and ran into a thrift store, so i took a bite of her sandwich thinking she was just being a pussy. as i am chewing, i look inside the baguette and i can't even identify what i saw. it looked like tenticles. or testicles. or both. but i spat out my mouthful and threw both sandwiches out on the sidewalk.

tried to rinse my mouth out with their refreshing, natural looking coconut water, and spat that out too. it was just simple syrup with two coconut chunks in the bottom.

no more. yech.

(but they do play movies while you wait for your order. transformers was on. i love bumble bee.)

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