it used to be on carmine and bedford street. lost it's lease and kinda lost it's touch.

in essex market, that long building on...well, essex street, there is a small corner where shopsin's "lives." it's so weird.

let me try to explain. imagine walking into a mall. each store has it's little door and windows. and then in the middle of the walkway is a restaurant. there you go.

the personalty of shopsin's is a charicature of itself. the bus boy is the brother of the waitress who is the daughter of the cook. they have the right to refuse anything you order. do not mistake their brashness for being rude, they genuinely are flustered and have no social graces--but there is no anger there.

here is the fron tof the menu.

here is the back

i swear the kitchen must be the size of my house in texas because i have no idea where they keep all the ingredients to make their shit.

coffee is good, they had half and half but couldn't warm it.

have no idea what we ordered by name. but here is a pick of nine grain toast, egss, cheese, jalapenos, and hericot vert. what?

huge fresh squeezed oj.

bacon. adan can't go anywhere without ordering bacon. or chorizo. or (insert name of fatty meat).

i mean, the company was good. the nine grain toast was good. but whatever. i like square diner better.

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