today i left the gym in tears. when you go down for that last squat, and you can't get back up, and john is yelling at you "you can do it, yes you can, you can do it." and you're like, GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU PIECE OF SHIT DON'T TELL ME I CAN DO IT WHEN I CLEARLY CAN'T. NOT "I CAN'T, WAAAH." BUT LITERALLY I CAN'T. YOU FUCK. I JUST FELL OVER. ON MY ASS. ON FRONT OF THAT 60 YEAR OLD WOMAN DOING SQUATS WITH 10 POUND HAND WEIGHTS.

john said not to be discouraged. that he was pushing me as hard as he could and couldn't believe i lasted that long. (4 squats). so what..? now i am supposed to be proud after i felt like a total failure?


anyway. seeing him again next week.

today i picked a random restaurant from menupages for delivery. there is no way i am walking down stairs to go out to lunch after that debacle.

zafi's got some nice reviews. they are deep in the LES, and so nice on the phone about delivering up here. ordered a corned beef ruben on rye.

kinda greasy. well, that's an understatement. it was fine. no good, but fine.

the pickle was so sour it was awesome

and for dessert, a conference call and a hershey bar--from halloween.

  • zafis

    Shorts said...

    You look very professional. It's quite intimidating.

    Anonymous said...

    Love the pic with the raised eyebrow!

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