no more lunch

lunch has been too boring to photograph. too busy to be creative. fuck, SOMEone has to pay for this blog. blogs don't grow on trees, you know.

went to a place called tom & jerry's. it's a bar, or pub, or whatever. it smells horrible.

i only went because finley was there and i was promised a table full of hot englishmen. well, they were there. they were hot. but i couldn't understad a fucking word they said, so i stared at the giant projector screen playing incredible movies for over 2 hours.

"warriors" should be required viewing on all flights coming into new york city.

how fucking awesome is that movie!!?? how fucking awesome would it be if the subways still had graffiti?? and knife fights still took place in union square??? ugh. it's so BORING here.

some stills. (i think watching with subtitles really enhances the experience. you can fully appreciate the genius dialogue).

now listen, i know that something might look familiar to those of you who know me. and to my friends to whom i gave permission to put thumbtacks in my socks every time i mentioned him, i guess you should make a run to staples.

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    roi said...

    holy shit. he looks like that Rambo fom 2 years ago.