this is adan. he is my mexican ex-boyfriend. he cheated on me, too.

we ate at a little mexican restaurant. i was cynical--and pissed that i had to walk acrross stinky kenmare street to get there.

the menu looked fab. sister ordered a guava margarita. that shit was off the hook. i need to go back there on a night when a hangover doesn't count, because they had about 12 different flavored margaritas. cucumber? awesome.

this is how they eat corn in mexico. or, maybe that's just me. not quite as good as cafe habana. it was a little mushy and soft. but maybe that's my fault, i have never really been that into, well, "eating corn." i think it could tell.

the enchiladas i had were good. i wish there was more fattening mush on it, cause that is always delicious.

clearly that didn't stop me from shoving nearly the whole plate into my tummy.

sis had fish tacos, they looked good. rice and beans were good. beans a little salty. buti would def go back. it is small and cozy and the waitresses are nice.

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    roi said...

    white or dark mex?

    keith GONZALES said...


    He looks like a dark mexican. Not unlike myself. and definitely not like Barbara's friend Andrea.