recognize this guy?

yay! it's creepy camoflauge yarmulke guy!

had to run to midtown to say goodbye to my dear, sweet, amazing momma before she left for texas. she is so nice and beautiful and kind. the best mother anyone could ever ask for.

(she's the one writing the check. to me. what? that means she loves me! it's like a hug, but in paper form.)

wanted to show her the kosher deluxe place. she got a corned beef on rye. i don't eat meat that much anymore but i scarfed down half of that fucker without even stopping to breath.

i got that whole pita salad thing. everthing there is incredible.

lots of ladies in wigs and knee length skirts and tights and pumps. why do the orthodox women always wear navy? check it out bitch. that is my real hair. all mine.

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Brett Ashley said...

yay i loooove june!