this is how it should be.

my friend jane, sister and i went to blue ribbon on bedford and downing.

seriously? this is the best restaurant for me in all of new york.

loook at the size of this asapragus.

the service is amazing. waiters are waiters. they know their place. you would never know if they wished they were reading a script instead of cleaning your crumbs. and damnit, that is what being a fucking WAITER is.

and i believe, me. i have been there. but i quit when i thought i was too good for it. i didn't take it out on my customers. well, actually, for a while i didn't wash my hands after peeing. but then i quit.

and more, the menu has everything you could possibly want. from pickled tongue to burgers. the music is background. the lighting is flattering. the breast feeding women are pretty. wait, what? (look carefully)

yes. i am fucking sorry. BREAST FEEDING YOUR CHILD AT A DINNER TABLE IS VOMITOUS. i saw nipple. i don't want to see a strange woman's nipple unless i am on a topless beach in greece, and even then i do not want to see a newborn baby attached to it. GROSS GROSS GROSS. i almost went over and said something, which is oviously not out of character for me. but i was paralized by disgust. i think the manager could sense it and he didn't charge us for the stilton cheese. take that big boobied bitch. bet YOU paid for your cheese.

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    Anonymous said...

    That Jane Girl is so HOT!