amy amy bo-bamy

stopped by amy's bread on bleecker and leroy to pick up a sack lunch.

internet is down in office so i have to work from home. (because work=surfing the net; therefore...)

amy's food is awesome. their coffee is the best in the city, in my opinion. i have never ever had anything bad there. #1 is the grilled cheese sandwich. it has cilantro, tomatoes, red onion, some spicy tomato paste, and they grill it on a panini press.

i got black bean soup and a mini tuna salad sandwich and a grape fizzy lizzy. all incredibly good. the soup in the picture looks like nutty dog diarreah, but it sure didn't taste like it. (again, cracking up to myself...oh, boy.)

you should knoow that they don't have napkins out. to get a napkin, you have to interrupt someone giving their order or cut the line at the register. i have even asked and they say the manager doesn't like to leave them out because people take them. helloooo! people are supposed to take them! how the fuck else do you blow your snot or wipe food off your face? ugh.

also, if you want to get a job there, make sure your IQ is less than 58 and your smiling muscles are permanently paralized.

for dessert, nutella and peanut butter on a spoon. please excuse the black eyes. i was up late last night sending dirty texts to an out of town friend. guys are so dumb. listen up, pervs: if you ask a girl if she's naked, and she says, "oooh, yeah. you know it." what she really means is she's wearing ugly pj's and anti wrinkle cream, the tv is on, and her dog is playing with a chew toy right next to her. she might, might also be picking at her dry heels. how is THAT for hot?

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    hungry girl said...

    by the way this is roi, you set up my computer to your name. I can control your site hungry girl

    Anonymous said...

    they weren't dirty texts they were dirty emails. you weren't picking your dry heels because in the dirty emails there were dirty pictures wherein you were NOT picking your heels.

    you are right though. amy's bread has amazing grilled cheese

    Anonymous said...
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    hungry girl said...

    ok, ok you two. you have know idea what you are talking about.

    everyone needs to just take it easy.

    the texts were sent to someone in LA. who doesn't have a brother. nor does he make art.

    so chill.

    hungry girl said...

    FYI: i deleted the 3rd comment because it wasn't very nice. whether you hate the person you think it is or not, i am still protective.