lunch with phil

we went to cafe falai, the san gennaro festival, and pinkberry.

first, falai...

this is their menu. cash only? strike one.

this is their floor. someone should tell their designer that white grout is the DUMBEST idea in the world. especially white grout in white tiles. it is just disgusting seeing how dingy it gets.

this is an appetizer. someone should tell them making ricotta and figs look like an ice cream sundae is just confusing.

this is phil eating octopus. that is latin for 8 pussies. he seemed to enjoy it.

this is me excited. i ordered whole wheat spaghetti pomodoro and it looked amazing.

this is me not excited. it tasted like fishy dishwater. or dishy fishwater. either or. (oh, boy i ma laughing out loud right now. i crack me up.)

since i hated my food, phil decided to take me to pinkberry. he thought it was necessary before i die. to get there, we had to pass through the san gennaro festival in little italy. i said sure, because i needed a little culture. i saw real italian roasted corn on a stick. and real italian fried rice. and real italian bratwurst and saurkraut. and real italian peruvian hand knit sweaters. also, in italy, they have this traditional game where you shoot waterguns at a target to win a traditional stuffed stewie griffin doll. mama mia.

this is a picture of meat. this is why i can't eat it that much anymore. (phil, on the other hand, said it looked delicious)

this is pinkberry. at long last. it was, eh, ok i guess. but i guess i would go back. not because it's addictive, but because it's addictive.

  • cafe falai

  • san gennaro festival

    Anonymous said...

    that dude is hot. who is he?

    Anonymous said...

    funny comments on san gennaro...lol

    Anonymous said...

    that festival i whack.