taxi strike? you're out!

are you fucking kidding me? are you fucking kidding me. for realz.

this woman (taxi workers alliance founder) is just so annoying and her rhetoric is shameful. what the fuck is this strike about? they are protesting putting GPS in their cabs? because it's an invasion of privacy since GPS units can be tracked even when they are off duty?

ALOHA. you know that cell phone you are gabbing on the entire fare? guess what? TRACK THAT BIATCH. big brother knows where to find you no matter WHUT.

and by the way. i have been in two taxis with that GPS/entertainment center/credit card machine thing in them and i loved it so much i tipped that fucker $2.

back to work! or better yet, stay away. the streets are the most peaceful they have been since the last blizzard.

to be fair, this guy is awesome (fernando mateo nys federation of taxi drivers). a little more realistic. plus he is doing an interview on tv right now in a white button down, top two buttons undone, and plaid golfing shorts. hilarious. i love him, if anyone knows him send him my way.

(if you aren't following this story, sorry for the boring post)

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