noho star.

that's one star.

no, just kidding. the food at this place is good. but something about it bothers me. whatever, who am i kidding. i am not the most pleasant person and there is ALWAYS something that bothers me.

i asked for iced tea. it was some jasmin green tea bullshit. green tea is BITTER and doesn't taste good. poison is not refreshing.

we split a tuna salad sandwich. of course i loved it because it had mayonnaise on it. tuna, avocado, tomato, mayo on toated whole wheat bread.

it was small though. we had a side of fries. GREAT fries. but i think i discovered i can't eat fried foods. you know...why.

still though. i can't believe we split a tiny sandwich, fries, and one poison tea and it came to $20. that is insane.

  • noho star

    Shorts said...

    Rachel Ray once came here on one of her billion tv shows. Yummo! Deelish! Barf.

    hungry girl said...

    did she ask for e.v.o.o. and wash her hands five hundred times?