schnitzel. it's chicken.

ok, this place is so great. the food is so good. they serve breakfast all day. they put lemon slices ON your glass (not IN them). they are laid back without being lazy. i really should eat there more often. they even serve their bread with homemade vegetable cream cheese.

for those of you who aren't jews or nazis, schnitzel is chicken breast pounded real thin and breaded and fried and doused in lemon juice.

(nice photography, soraya. gross.) moving on...it comes with isreali salad and mashed potatoes with real chunks, and some magical mystery sauce. i think it is a blend of mayo and lemon juice and mustard. but i drink it, it's that good. probably good for your nails and skin and stuff, too.

soraya had french toast. they fucking picked a fruit forrest for that thing! 5 different fruits and none of them, not one, mushy.

i wish she had melons on that plate so i could say something funny. like, "look at soraya's tits!"

they take CC's. on macdougal street btwn houston and prince.

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    Brett Ashley said...

    i wanna see pictures of the new offices! post them asap