i just reread my entire blog because i am really vain and like to remind myself that i am funny.

i noticed that i talk about weight and eating disorders quite often.

i just want you (shorts, jane, and anonymous) to know that i don't (think) i actually have a problem. i think i just have a problem with thinking about problems. or maybe it's that i feel guilty about always having been thin and eating whatever i want. don't hate though. god made it fair by taking away all fuction of my seratonin receptors. leaving me with the need to take a cocktail of pills everynight to stay sane. one of them makes my tongue numb for a couple hours. i haven't figured out which one it is.


Shorts said...

Don't worry SLG (I just shortened your name to that...can I do that? Am I the first? If so, I call copyright on it...but that's not fair, 'cause it's your name...ok, you can have it.), I wouldn't read your blog if you had a problem. I don't like people with problems. Your normal, just like all of us.

Anonymous said...
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