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i have a problem with boundaries. both in relationships and neighborhoods. i just can't get my lunches back into soho. i keep crossing the line. maybe it's because i'm so glad to be out of there that i'm reluctant to return. broadway has got to be the worst street in the entire country. if i'm not dodging nyu dorks near 8th st, or tourists near prince st, then i am escaping flying snot and loogies near canal. i don't even use the sidewalk on broadway anymore. i just walk in the street because it's safer.

today i went to whole foods. i shopped at whole foods over a decade ago. it originated in texas, as did i.

now, imagine shopping at places like this your whole life and then moving to new york city and being introduced to a bodega! with cats in them! and the fruit right next to the clorox! i feel comfortable in huge, huge supermarkets. (and malls, and target, and kmart, and walmart, and macy's).

i spent forever circling the buffet tables. i almost made it through my whole led zepplin set on my ipod, which is pretty incredible considering all their songs are at least 6 minutes long.

i had to divide my choices into two boxes because i didn't want my indian selections to touch my asian selections. angelina jolie would be really disappointed in me.

i was so excited! everything looked so good. bright, fresh, tasty looking.

line was really fast, but invariably some newbie doesn't understand their trivided (not divided, two. trivided, three. did i invent a word?) checkout system and cuts in front of you. but stand your ground, shopper, and give them the hairy eyeball until they feel completely ashamed for not knowing it was, in fact, your turn at the counter.

i love this. how genius to put PLATES AND CUPS right at the exit next to condiments and plastic utensils. kudos to whole foods for understanding new yorkers don't do dishes, if they even have them.

the earthworm salad (otherwise known as buckwheat noodles) tasted good, but the consistancy was mushy. brocolli was spicy and fresh, but no flavor. vegetarian korma was so salty i thought i'd shrivel up if i kept eating it. the indian green bean salad tasted a little rotten.

alas, i was disappointed in whole foods salad bars. i will try their hot foods next time.

credit cards.

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