lo siento, mis amores

i was in puerto rico. not a place known for its fine cuisine. if anyone offers you mofongo, just say no. it's like the puerto rican version of haggis. not really, at all. but i would stay away from it nonetheless. sorry j lo.

in rincon, puntas, there really are not many choices as far as dining goes.

the only place that is great is puntas bakery, but only for breakfast.

gemma, my new best friend, isn't impressed by the "nachos" at maria's. cheese=velveeta down there. in fact, not much that they eat doesn't come from a box.

i wouldn't go to this place, either.

i forgot we weren't in mexico for a minute. but was jolted back into reality after my first bite of the pork taco-ish. um, i don't really remember how or why the pork ended up in my lap. but there is just something funny about "pork" and "taco" and a picture of a crotch.

and here, the quesadilla. again, velveeta.

luckily, you don't have to cook anything to get drunk.


Shorts said...

Puerto Rico is like really, really, really, really SoHo.

hungry girl said...

who are you. you have to be someone i know.

Shorts said...

You wish you knew me. Seriously. You wish.

hungry girl said...

ok, creepy