no phone, no phone (cake)

i am sensitive. no phone line here and pirating internet is just so unrealiable. is that thing about the tumors and the brain and the cell phone still true?

the mean guy at subway with dirty teeth didn't put salt and pepper on my sandwich. he wrapped it and i politely made him aware of his mistake.

when he told me he did, i let him have it "you ain't gotsa lie, craig. you ain't gotsa lie!" (friday? ice-cube? anyone? anyone?)

i fucking made him unwrap that bitch and salt it up. fucking liar fuck fuck. why? why?

and then i couldn't use my credit card because of the $5 minimum. so i took a large soda. which made it $5.01. but then they didn't take amex. so i pulled out my mastercard and hocked a loogie on it before i gave it to him. sucka.

would it be sad or cool if i committed suicide by suffocating myself with a subway bag?


Shorts said...

Technically, stores are not allowed to have minimum credit card policies. When they sign their contract it's stated that their is no minumum.

Ch-ch-check it:

hungry girl said...

shorts. who are you? do i know you?

Anonymous said...


Shorts said...

Nopers, you don't know me.

Can't a guy simply stumble across a blog when looking for a place to eat lunch in soho since he just switched jobs and needs a place to eat and then found your blog and read it all and likes your style and keeps reading and commenting and spelling "there" wrong (see above) when appropriate? phew.

hungry girl said...

shorts, no. You can't. I don't know if you are aware of this, but besides anonymous, whoever that is, who leavethe most comments. So you should give clues.