i am so ashamed.

i did it again. ikea.

i can't even post a picture, the humiliation is too much.

it was kind of great. no lines, no noise, no crying babies. just me, the steam heated frozen vegetables and a pepsi.

ran into a friend. our faces went quickly from embarrassed to, "oh wait, you are here too so its not that bad."

the thing that sucks is walking past the kid section to get to the restaurant. because my ex-stepson's room is decorated in all that shit.

wait, what? did i just say ex-stepson?

i know. i know. listen, not everyone is into that whole abortion thing. but thank god cause this kid is amazing. i miss him.

whooaaaa. holy shit. reel it in, candice. back to the food. picked up a cinnamon bun on the way out. i swear soraya and i were fighting over it and on the way out of the parking lot, there was a sign for 6 buns for $4 and we almost, ALMOST turned around to buy a tray.

but i have thighs to watch. i have to stay skinny if i want to find a new little boy's father to date.


Trish said...

Found your page by accident and LOVE it. I'm over on Thompson and always looking for a good place to grab a bite. I work at home and recoil from cooking most days. It's nice to read about places I've been curious about but haven't tried yet.
Looks like resistance is futile even for Soho... Starbucks is going up around the corner at West Broadway and Houston.

hungry girl said...

thanks trish!

send me suggestions. i'll try them out for you.

i'm sure through all the personal mush, you will find a good review.