nha trang, yeah trang

yeah, nha trang! this place has sort of a sad significance to me, because my ex introduced me to it. but fuck that. it's mine now.

i even got my mother hooked on it, we go each time she's in the city. this is a woman who wears heels during the day and gets her hair blow dried three times a week. but, damnit, she will still come to this dirty place with bad furniture because the food is (90% of the time) that good.

i highly recommend the vegetable pho. this will clean you out in one hour. it cures the flu. it kills any hangover. it's like magical vietnamese remedy.

as a person who like condiments, i must say this place is heaven. don't be scared of fish sauce. it may smell like your ex-girlfriends underwear, but squirt just a little in your soup and it is salty and delicious and packed full of healthy omega three fatty acids. your ex-girlfriend was just packed full of fatty ass.

these things are called hollow vegetables. check it out, they really are hollow. like my soul. but you can eat these and they are delicious.

YOU MUST try the lemonade soda. squeezed lime juice and sugar in ice, and then you pour your own can of soda water on it. you know, it's interactive.

this place is great. i would say that 1 out of 10 times the chicken is rancid but it hasn't stopped me from going back-if that tells you anything. (although,, recently i switched to a strict vegetarian ordering policy there.)

tres cheap, too. and they accept credit cards.

what can i get for $10? any-ting you want.

centre street just south of white

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