goes right through you

i don't feel so good. today i ate at soho park. that totally out of place, like it should be in la, restaurant on the corner of prince and lafayette.

it's kinda pricy, but their burgers are good. they taste like high end whoppers--if that is even possible. it's their secret mayonnaisy sauce. the fries are cut fresh and they have sea salt on them.

and, of course, they take american express.

i didn't get a cupcake today, but they are to die for. I MEAN, TO DIE FOR. (the vanilla, not the chocolate. the chocolate is not to die for. not even to get a sprained ankle for.)

that is my intern stephanie. she is going to kill me. she had an "eh" chicken pallard sandwich. we both agreed that not having lopsided chicken (you know, like the fat part of the breast on one side and just bun on the other) was worth the $9.75. (little slut gets her lunch paid for, of course she thinks it's worth it)

i have no idea who that guy is. but his corn looked good. i asked if i could take his picture for my website. he was like, "what website?" without hesitation i said, "soholunch." i left out the "blogspot" part so he would feel like he was contributing to something important. not to my daily distraction that keeps me from having to go to therapy to talk about my problems.

problems like still no word from the boy....

oh, and the feeling not so good thing after eating happens to me a lot. i keep immodium in my desk drawer.

what...? too much information?

  • soho park

    Anonymous said...

    that place sucks

    roi said...
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    dave said...

    milkshakes there are good

    joe and jane said...

    deleting comments already? Your blog has arrived!