aye caramba

yesterday my blackberry wouldn't send my pics...so a day late...

we went to la esquina for tacos. well, i had tacos. it was fucking hot but we sat outside anyway.

these are pretty good. being from texas, i have a very sophisticated palate for mexican food. all my nannies used to cook for me. just kidding. to me, the perfect taco is a corn toritlla, chopped skirt steak marinated in salty salty maggi sauce, chopped cilantro, chopped onions, and lots of lime juice. THAT IS IT. for new york city, this is a pretty good taco. it's got a lot of some kind of gravy, but if you squeeze enough limes on it, you might think you are at a mexican restaurant in new york.

my friend had this sandwich, which was good. chicken, avocado, and chipotle mayo. anything with mayo is good in my book.

we decided we would definately go back because the people watching is so good. cute boys on skateboards, desperate hipsters, wannabe fashionistas. it's all there. this guy was especially funny. he kept going "shhhhh! shhhhhh!" at first i thought i was hearing things, but it's actually this douche. some other funny things that spilled out of his mouth:

"forward! forward! more forward!" (to a truck that he thought could get closer to the crosswalk.
"that dog is wearing a fur coat."
"something, something...eddie marphy [sic]"
"if you want to be a surrogate, the government pays for your prenatal vitamins."

they take amex.

no word from boy.



roi said...

Nanny was South African. Heard they flew her in.

Anonymous said...

the corn there isn't as good as habana

Adrienne said...

tacos, burritos, whats coming out of yuor speedo?
You've got trouble!
You blowin bubles!
I love a good mexican meal in the summertime;>

Adrienne said...
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