chinese food

i'll find out the name of this place, but it's somewhere in midtown. when you go to a chinese restaurant, and one line (buffet) is filled with fat americans, and the other line is filled with thin chinese people...you see where i'm going with this.

the buffet had all your favorites, fried meat with brown sauce. all sorts of fried meat. fried rice. egg rolls. etc...

the special order line...it was a little hectic and, had i not been totally intimidated, i would have taken a little time to see what the chinese were ordering. instead i panicked and ordered steamed veggie dumplings and hot and sour soup.

both sucked. but i did end up noticing that the popular dish with those in the know is some noodle soup.

too bad. i'll never go back.

on another note. i haven't been laid since january.


Ryan said...

that Rhong Tiam place on Lag was damn good. nice call there. service is so attentive it is like you are being molested, too. which is always a plus.

i liked this post tho. "i went to a horrible chinese place somewhere in midtown. it sucked. i forget the name. i havent been laid in months." and...scene.

hungry girl said...

i love theatre.