who reads this thing?

following is copied from the comments on my fresco taco post. hilarious.

dr. taco said...
The NY/NJ triads take their cut straight off the top. There is no quality control. Dogs, cats, rats and whatever else happens to be around will wind up in your taco, not to mention the fact that those places take USDA grade c and below meat (usda rankings a joke anyway, they riot about our beef imports in other countries) but since I see on your blog that you eat mcdonalds I understand why my friendly exhortation would fall onto deaf ears. Can I get my taco with a side of hormones? Thanks.

Dr. Taco

7/10/08 6:21 PM

concerned citizen said...
Don't trust this Dr. Taco. He's not even a doctor. He hardly made it through Taco undergrad.

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fresco tortilla said...

if it's dog, cat, rat or dick, I really don't care. It's delicious...and i'm a hetero dude.

by the way, you look way better now than in that pic from the post below (not to sound stalkerish).