chili as a reward

i went to the gym today. that's two days in a row and 3 days this week.

so i deserved chili from jone's. with cheese. and sour cream. and a coke. (oh boy, i am really bad at this). they were really excited to see me.


The REAL Dr. Taco said...

I think chili pales in comparison to a rainbow of fantastically diverse ingredients held in the warm embrace of a homemade tortilla...

oh, and don't believe the slander that's being spread around about me. I know where your skeletons are, "Concerned citizen" or should I say Porfirio Rubirosa. That's right bitch. I know your name. Keep up the slander talk and I'll meet you with my attorney. Or a big stick. You'd like that wouldn't you. Sick fuck.

fresco tortilla said...

Dr. Taco, I think you're a douche. You probably took your mcat like 3 times. Ha. What a hack. Porfirio, I got your back. Fuck you, doogie.

Dr. Taco said...



Niman Ranch?



These words mean anything to you? No? I thought not, because there are gaps in your taco knowledge.

Got a 43T on my mcats on the first go. You wanna know what the T stood for? Tasty.

I remain,

Dr. Taco

Porfirio Rubirosa said...

Dr. Taco has as about as many medical credentials as Dr. Dre. Everything he said should be regarded with deep suspicion.