starbucks cleanse

i went to the gym again (yay!) and i don't want to undo the good i did. so i am fasting. cleansing. my own version. fuck lemon juice and cayenne pepper (although, that really sounds delicious and i'm being sincere).

i am on a starbucks iced coffee liquid diet. for the moment. for today. for lunch. ok fine, until i feel weak and need to eat chipotle for energy.



notorious said...

go girl. looking HOT. your an inspiration!!!

Dr. Taco said...

We are down with Chipotle. They're the only major taco chain that is dedicated to keeping their tacos completely free of artificial bullshit.

And they're way tastier than any other fast food taco on the market.

T. Taco M.D.

Anonymous said...

fuck you taco

fresco tortilla said...

Yeah...fuck you, taco and your support for the corporate megalith

Shorts said...

You look badass.

jive ass turkey said...


you absolutely must see what soholunch would be like if it spoke jive.

i love you dr. taco